Who is Frank DiGiovanni?


I have been an actor for over thirty years, playing roles for film, TV, theater and commercials. In short, I am a seasoned actor.  In the parts I play, I can sense the true character of the person I am portraying, and am able to express the subtle nuances in movement and voice that only experienced actors can capture. I have been told by many of the producers I have worked with that my acting appears very natural, a quality I always strive to improve upon.

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My goal and  passion has been to work hard for each and every role I accept and to provide a stellar performance. I am a diligent actor and I take my craft seriously.


"Frank is truly an accomplished actor." -- Director, "The Mob" Discovery Channel

"Frank DiGiovanni is a pleasure to work with on the set." -- Producer, "Oscar and Leo", New York, NY